Guide to Winning as a Worker in Killer Queen Black

The killer Queen has endured a lot of criticism by the players and critics in previous times. After the release of its new avatar, aka Killer Queen Black in 2019, the game manages to raise its standards alongside reputation again.

Gamers are now able to Throw Berry, Queen Killing Fun, and obtain the virtual experience of Snail race as well. Those who are not aware of the objective of this game offer a battle between two teams, each consisting of five members. Each of its team contains one queen and three workers who have combined to attain victory.

It sounds that Queen is the lead character of this game or obtains special power and role, but the major factor of this game is the team’s workers. They are a support system or base of this team, and thus below, we have provided a guide to using several tricks to win as a worker in Killer Queen Black. Make sure that you read every bit of this guide carefully to attain the best results.

Strategize your Attack

Players need to strategize their attack if they want to win this game as a worker. The game includes three ways to attain victory, and fortunately, out of them, there are two ways that are under worker’s control. To claim more possibility, players who are playing this game as a worker need to obtain control on  all three, and they are:

  1. Economic: Players can only control these specs by attaining more and more berries by using maps. Players need to fill the pits available for berries before the other team.
  2. Snail: Players need to jump on the back of Snails and need to ride it to their team post before the other team. As we have discussed that workers are the only ones who can ride the Snails, players who are playing as a Worker need to ride as many snails as they can to attain the game in their favor.
  3. Military: The players can attain this by beating their competitor team queen for at least three times. Workers can inflict this damage easily by using their power-up pods and gets turn themselves into soldiers.

Throwing Berries

The game also requires the workers to throw berries in an absurd way, and they can accomplish this task by throwing the berries straightly into the hive section. This is an important aspect of winning the game, and the workers also need to interrupt the process of another team. They need to slow down their process by bumping, which is explained below alongside one player must keep an eye on enemy team hive.

Bump Tactics

It is an essential technique in this game, and it can be used against other team workers. Players need to use the bump tactics of the worker on another team when they are guarding hive entrance, and players need to bump them whenever they try to bring berries. This will probably stun them, and players can also use bump tactics in Snail by bumping another team worker from their path.

Power Up

we know that workers in this game tend to perform multi-tasks, and if players add power up to them, then they can lure the victory towards their team instantly. The game contains two kinds of power-ups, and both of them need berries from the workers, and they are Speed and Shield. Speed is an enormously useful power-up and can enhance the speed of worker’s task performing ability. Whereas shield, it possesses the ability to evade the death in the game but only for one time.

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